Are you planning a romantic getaway?Then, Bruges is a very good idea.This beautiful city of Belgium has maintained its historic fabric as this has evolved through the centuries. The historic centre of Bruges has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Perfect for wandering and exploring its streets and relaxing at its pretty courtyards.
Bruges is unique.It is often called “the Venice of the North” and now I can see why.


If you are on a diet then this place is not recommended,it’s a trap (lol). Bruges is known for its chocolate shops which are plentiful. They are literally everywhere and believe me you can’t avoid it. Besides,they say that chocolate sends endorphins to our brain and makes us happy.There are also many boutique-style beer shops that sell high quality gift packs of Belgian beer. Bruges is also known for its lace but I didn’t notice any “lace shops” because my mind was at chocolate all the time.


Until our next trip I’m sending you all a big kiss!

xo Vicky

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