Welcome to my room tour!

interior decoration
You probably already have an idea of how my room looks like from some mirror selfies I post on Instagram and since you asked about it here’s a full post to give you an inside look.

White & dusty pink are my favorite colors when it comes to bedroom decoration. This combination creates an elegant yet cozy ambience.

room tour

My inspirational wall and also to the left I have this clothing rack to hang my daily outfits or the ones I want to shoot for my blog posts.

home decor


decoration interior

Mio Sweden | Ikea | Fotografiska

Candles are always a great addition as they create a nice and warm atmosphere.

interior decoration


holy chic fashion quotes


Lots of cushions and coverlets | Ikea | English home

english home

English Home rug


walking closet

My closet space

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

xo Vicky







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