Santorini has been for a long time on the top of my bucket list and it felt amazing that I finally got to visit it. I felt so happy just to be in the place I used to see in so many postcards and travel blogs.

Exploring Santorini was exactly how I imagined it and even better. As soon as you get there, you realize that there is a certain kind of vibe on the island. Most probably because of the romance and the love that’s in the air but it certainly gave me the peace of mind I was looking for.

The breathtaking view, the romantic sunset and the never ending alleys made our walks magical.

Few things about my trip:

  • Made some new friends
  • Watched the sunset
  • Made no plans
  • Got rid of the map and got lost
  • Had late night bike rides around the island
  • Ate a lot of gelato and said goodbye to my diet
  • Tasted white sangria for the first time
  • Walked to three different villages – that was my cardio for not feeling guilty for the above
  • Had my “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” moment buying Veronica
  • Took loads of pictures
  • Learned that part of the volcano is still active (risky lol)


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xo Vicky







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