11.06.17 | A lot of you sent me messages kindly asking me what happened and why I disappeared, so I felt that it’s the right time to share with you guys this very personal post (and to be honest I’m feeling a little bit nervous). But I’m sure a lot of you have gone through the same and it would make me really happy if I could help or motivate as many of you as I can.
Truth is that it took me a long time to get here but I’m here. In this state of mind. I want to start this post with a quote going over and over my head for all this time: “If you lost someone but found yourself, you won”. Well, whoever said that knew that sometimes the best way to learn is the hard way. The last few months were quite difficult for me. I was broken, I lost myself, my faith and reached my limits- something that most of you have noticed. Bad things happen when you don’t expect it. The thing is that at some point you have to get up and move on. So, I am not going to focus on what happened, but on the things I learned about myself on the way. And I learned so much. I want to share with you where I am now and how I see things and maybe help one of you get out of a difficult situation you might be facing.
It’s very important to understand that these things take time and although it might seem tough to pick yourself up from that situation you’ve been put into, don’t ever lose faith that someday you’ll get what you deserve. Focus on what’s working in your life rather than fixing anything that isn’t working. Make you and your peace of mind the highest priority in life.
Create a new world for yourself and do more of what makes you happy. Work through your bucket list and tick them all off bit by bit. You’ve always wanted to go to Paris, then jump on a plane. You’ve never tried snowboarding? Then this is your year to make it happen. Do things you’ve never done before or things you stopped doing. Hit the gym. Eat healthy. Go out for runs in the morning. Try out yoga. Get out of your comfort zone and please say yes to more things. Stay present and enjoy everything that enters your experience. Make each day count and laugh. Find a reason to laugh every single day.
Soon, you will be stepping in the direction of what is real about your desires and needs. You will finally see things that are good, that have beauty, that have power and that are magic about you. Allow yourself to feel everything there is to feel, give it some time and you’ll heal.
Just relax and remember it all works out in the end. Thumbs up all the time.

YOU are the best thing that has ever happened to you and this amazing gift you’ve been given called life. YOUR life. Don’t waste it wondering why people cut you off from theirs. Learn to let go.

I chose this picture because it was taken exactly a year ago and I can’t help but thinking what a year can do to a person.

Photo by: Chris_IDH

xo Vicky

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