The time has finally come to chase away the winter blues.

How? By simply putting on our most tropical outfit and by letting our minds wander to dreamy places. This is what we did in this photoshoot, which took place in the heart of Athens (I know you thought it’s somewhere tropical but unfortunately it’s not). Location goals or what?

But what’s considered tropical when it comes to fashion? Plant leaves, fruits (remember the pineapple?), animals can be considered tropical prints. In general, whatever can be found in a tropical environment.

Although we mostly see them on island vacations or during summertime, I’m already in the mood of planning my summer holidays and reorganizing my closet (best time of the year) so there’s no way I would miss this outfit.

Styling tip: Just because there is a lot of “information”, when you’re wearing these prints you might want to tone the craziness down and let the print do the talking by going easy on the accessories and make-up.

┬áLet the countdown begin…


zara tropical


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Photos by: Michael Tsitas

xo Vicky

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