For the last years I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer and stronger but the fact that I’m using the blow dryer and the straightening iron a lot (which are the number one “suspects” for damaging the hair) makes it so hard for me to achieve this goal. So, I’ve done my research, read many articles and of course asked my hairdresser on how to bring damaged hair back to life and apparently trimming them often and using the right products can give you the desirable results.

If you’re lucky enough and have already found THE ONE (I mean your hairdresser ladies), the next step is to include in your daily hair routine products that truly match your needs. I’m here to help you with that!

Last month I was introduced to the new Fusion Care collection by Wella Professionals. I wanted to give it a few weeks to try the products so that I can make this little review for you guys (bare with me I’m not a review expert lol).

I used the products below for three weeks. Wella claims that they are designed to repair and protect the hair against everyday breakage and damages. How? The new silksteel formula- inspired by spider silk, which is one of the strongest fibers in nature-  penetrates deep down the cortex and instantly recovers hair fiber and helps to prevent future hair breakage. What I really loved is that my hair felt silky smooth, renewed and more elastic than ever. The healing process has began and now I can finally see the results.

PRICE: I found the best prices for you online if you want to purchase the products (links below) or you can find them in a salon near you. 

VICKY’S PLUS: Packaging was also a plus for me, as I pay a lot of attention to it and have a huge crush on anything with rose gold details.

LAST THOUGHT: Hair look better in the short run while bringing it back to good health in the long run.


Intense Repair Shampoo

Intense Repair Conditioner

Intense Repair Mask

Amino Refiller (*available in salons only)

Shop the products:


xo Vicky





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